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lepidopteral, lepidopteran, lepidopterological
— Of or pertaining to the Lepidoptera.
— [From Greek lepis — a scale + pteron — a wing.] An order of insects, which includes the butterflies and moths.
— One who studies butterflies and moths (Lepidoptera).
— A specialist on Lepidoptera.
— The scientific study of butterflies and moths (Lepidoptera).
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· Ithomia xenos (Bates, 1866) — The species occurs in Costa Rica and Panama…
· Reliquia santamarta Ackery, 1975 — Described as 'Reliquia santamarta sp. n.' from Colombia, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Upper Rio Cambirumeina…
· Japonica saepestriata (Hewitson, [1865]) — The species occurs in China, Ussuri Region, Korea and Japan…
· Coenonympha rhodopensis Elwes, 1900 — Described from Rila Mountains, the valley of Levi Iskar by Henry J. Elwes…
· Luehdorfia puziloi (Erschoff, [1872]) — The species was described in 1872 by Erschoff…
· Sephisa princeps (Fixsen, 1887) — The species occurs in Amur and Ussuri regions of Russia, NE China and Korea…
· Ornithoptera paradisea Staudinger, 1893 — One of the most spectacular and rare species, described by Otto Staudinger in 1893…
· Pseudochazara orestes De Prins & van der Poorten, 1981 — Balkan endemic, confined to some mountains of N Greece and S Bulgaria…
· Henry John Elwes (1846—1922)
· Hans Fruhstorfer (1866—1922)
· Frederick DuCane Godman (1834—1919)
· Henry Rowland-Brown (1865—1921)
· ‘Fossil on a pin’ — Keele University, UK, 1993
· Catalogue of Neotropical Pierinae
· Homeosis in Mylothris sulphurea
· Dr P. Sigbert Wagener (1919—2004)
Hans Rebel2 Sep 1861 — The Austrian, Hans Rebel [left], one of the leading European lepidopterists, was born.
8 Sep 1811 — Peter Simon Pallas died at the age of 69.
13 Sep 1923 — Albert Schwartz, the author of “The Butterflies of Hispaniola,” was born in Cincinnati, Ohio.
19 Sep 1814 — Cajetan Freihher von Felder was born in Vienna, Austria.
22 Sep 1933 — The Russian lepidopterist Yuri P. Korshunov was born in Chernorechka Village, Novosibirsk Region.
30 Sep 1905 — The publication date of the first installment of Roger (Ruggero) Verity’s Rhopalocera palaearctica.